Car Leasing scheme

Purchasing a brand-new car can be expensive. The Car Leasing scheme enables you to save money whilst driving away with a brand-new, low-emission car. Operated via salary sacrifice, you may make tax and National Insurance savings on your new car. Your organisation will make savings too. 

  • You save up to 42%
  • Available to organisations of all sizes, no matter how small
  • No credit checks
  • Includes servicing and maintenance


Due to recent changes in Government policies - Car Leasing is available under the Salary Sacrifice scheme as it stands until April 2017 and any employee that does sign-up before April 2017 will be able to continue with the Salary Sacrifice Benefits until April 2021. After April 2017 Car Leasing still be available for Employers to offer to their Employees but just for Ultra LEV Cars.

Why sign up?

Saves money

You will make significant savings in tax and National Insurance contributions. Further savings can be made compared to recommended retail prices, with our great corporate discounts. Costs are fixed for the life of the lease and the price you pay includes everything except fuel!


There are no negotiations with the dealers, concerns about pick up times or additional hassle that comes with the usual process of getting a new car. Our partner manages the entire set up for you.

Simple process

Your employer offers the scheme

You choose your preferred vehicle

Vehicle ordering, delivery, servicing and collection is arranged for you

Deductions are taken from your salary over a 2 or 3 year period

Three options

At the end of the lease, you can either: purchase the car, return it or lease another new car.

No hassle

All vehicle ordering, delivery, servicing and collection is arranged for you. Vehicles can be delivered to your home or work address.

No credit checks

The scheme is operated via salary sacrifice, meaning there are no credit checks or deposits required before the lease is set up.


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